Fake number Free calling App 2022


Fake number Free calling App 2022

Fake number Free calling App 2022

This is the most effective. I can text, call, and video chat using this calling app, which is the best because if you can't do something, you can get this calling app for free and everything will be incredibly simple after that. Apart from the lack of sound on FaceTime, everything else is fine. My WiFi phone's regular call connection is one of my favorites.Number Call id You can easily Create a call using a fake number to prank your firend with your phone, You will be able to fake any call with this app.a free calling app allows you to make WiFi calls and send free text messages. It is also a free phone number app loved by millions. Save on monthly phone bill and protect your personal number with Dingtone.

The Features of Fake number Free calling App

It's really good to have dingtone free calling app when you have a friend who is an inattentive Android user and conventional text messages take so long to transmit. They deliver messages faster, and there's even a fun little ringtone included as a bonus. It also displays different banners so you can see when you've received a notification from it.
  • Specify fake caller and fake number.
  • Schedule a fake call.
  • Choose a ringtone from your phone.
  • Turn vibration on a faked call on or off.
  • Define a list of up to two fake callers (unlimited in Pro version).
  • Choose a picture for every one of the defined fake callers.
  • Choose a fake caller from your contacts.
  • Choose a fake call screen from 8 different fake calling screens.

What Does mean by Fake number Free calling App

It is a really good app for free calling in any country in the mobile. It does not require any additional data jobs in the receivers mobile phone or sim card.

How to Download Fake number Free calling App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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